LemonShark 2nd Debate Tournament

LemonShark’s second debate camp is perfectly closed! After 14 days and 28 hours of training, today’s debater’s performance was wonderful!

After a fierce competition,the LemonShark 2nd Debate Tournament was won by the champion team Grace and Jack, Congratulations! Everyone gains a lot, congratulations to the debaters!

Thank you, Lydia and Melody, for your support! Thank Steven and Kevin judges for their support!

Special thanks to Deep Pure, who provided 14 days fo refreshment sponsorship for debate camp!

Thank you Spaceyun for providing venue support!

LemonShark 1st Debate Tournament

After two weeks of intense and high-intensity debate training, LemonShark held the first honor debate tournament in the afternoon of July 15 in Hongqiao Tiandi Yanyouji.

Resolved: Humanity Should Establish a Space Colony by 2050.

LemonShark arranges the competition in public area this time, which is a very rare opportunity for the first time to participate in the competition, and also a considerable test of the courage of the players.

The debaters and coaches were fully prepared before the game, and the debaters’ performance on the field from time to time won applause from the audience.
In addition to two coaches, three experienced debaters were invited to be the judges.

We invited Mei Ziji, an excellent debater from the University of California, Berkeley, to be the judge of this competition, and Zoe, from the University of Southern California.
This time, LemonShark specially invited President Wu Zijian of Shanghai YKPao School to present a certificate of completion for the debaters. Principal Wu fully affirmed the significance of this event and was very happy to see the school brothers and sisters continue to support the school and help the school brothers and sisters. Thank you, President Wu, for coming to support the children’s activities in the hot summer!

The game ended successfully. Parents thanked the two coaches for their help to the children. The professionalism of the coaches left a very deep impression on the audience.

LemonShark’s summer camp is very successful. If you want to learn more about the debate, you can add LemonShark coach WeChat: frindle848

This event has received great support from Shanghai Hongqiao Tiandi Yanyoujiu Bookstore, and LiberalArtsPlatform.
Congratulations to the debaters who participated in the debate, you have done very well and are so proud of you!