LemonShark 3rd Debate Tournament

At the beginning of the New Year 2019, we greeted LemonShark 3rd Debate Tournament after the Christmas debate training camp.

In this competition, Ricky, who once won the runner-up in the Stanford Debate, was invited to participate in the competition. Experienced Ricky took the young LemonShark debaters to participate in the competition.

After a tense lip battle, the WangZu and GaoYa won the champion of the competition and a prize.

Thanks to the debaters and parents who took the big rain to participate in the competition, and the special guests Joyce, the NSDA China officer, and the volunteer’s Lucy, Kelvin, Melody.

Before the end, there are debaters who want to join the next training and competition. Let us wait for this year’s LemonShark debate summer camp.

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