I made friends in LemonShark –by Tanya Lu

 Hi! I’m Tanya from YK Pao School. It’s has been such a pleasure to learn at Lemon Shark, where I had a great time practicing debate.

I was shocked when I first found out about Lemonshark. I could not believe a high-school student could create such an organization that had a goal to teach debate for students. At that time, I did not trust Tony because he was just a student and I doubted whether he could teach others well or not. However, I still attended the class. Tony was tall, really “big” and he looked humorous.

 With a full curiosity to Tony, we had the first class, and the second and the following.

Under the guidance of Tony’s teaching, we’ve learned about knowledge and skills that are useful in the debate round. We also learned about the partnership, getting better after making mistakes, and to never give up.

Even though Tony was our teacher, he was also our friend. He interacted with the students frequently and would communicate with us.

 I added Tony’s WeChat and I asked him about debate packets and evidence. He didn’t directly give me the answer but he gave me a lot of advice. And this advice helped me a lot during the debate rounds. Despite the point of learning and getting advice from Tony, it was so proud to get the WeChat of NSDA champion.

 I was a pretty shy person before went to Tony’s class. However, after went to Tony’s class, after I had a class with other students, I became more open. I tried to share more about my own opinion and be special.

 During every class, we were laughing and all of us were enjoying the atmosphere of learning. Tony made the class more creative. We played games, we had bubble tea and we had story retells. All of the things happened were a fairy tale. And I think that is just the advantage of Tony as the teacher. He knew what the students want and he knew how to let students learn during playing. A lot of parents would probably say if students were playing during class, this was just a waste of time. However, I would say Tony’s class could attract students and let students enjoy debating.

 In Lemon Shark, I learned and I enjoyed. I recommend students to try Tony’s class because you will be able to have a new style and a new experience of the class. In this class, it seems as there is no teacher but only friends.

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