A Distinctive Experience that I had in Lemon Shark__by Zona Zhou

Hi, I’m Zona, currently a seventh-grader at YKPAO School. Lemon Shark is an imposing studio that affected me A LOT over the past year. Before joining Lemon Shark, debate for me is already a familiar word. Unlike some of the other students in Lemon Shark who might just start to debate, I had been debating for a while. At first, it was the exciting “argument” that attracted me to know more about this thing. But after hundreds of debate classes, learning more and more complex rules and skills of debating, the passion that originally motivated me weakened. I felt like I was somewhat stuck in a place where I started to think whether I should keep debating as I felt like I was doing something for others.

At the beginning of the last summer holiday, I joined the Lemon Shark debate camp. To be honest, I never thought before that there would be such It was not until that time when I realized how fascinating debate was in essence. When I first had Tony’s class, we all introduced ourselves and knew each other deeper. bunch of complex terms of debate into students’ s brain. However, starting from the middle of the first class, we all had a totally different mode of debate class. Instead of telling us how to flow effectively, Tony offered us a chance to try it ourselves. By watching some debate matches between native speakers in the U.S., our abilities to flow gradually improved. Besides, the learning environment in Lemon Shark is relaxing. Every one of us got along with each other in harmony including Tony. The atmosphere of learning in Lemon Shark is really encouraging and also comfortable for everyone to improve together.

Since then, debate for me is not just a “course”, forced to engage in by others, it’s a hobby, personal interest, or even one of my strengths. More importantly, Lemon Shark provided all of the students their great opportunities to communicate with experienced debaters who were so talented and skillful which is so precious and significant. So, I sincerely recommend people who like debate and want to improve their skills to join this camp and better communicate with debaters at the advanced level.

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