I really enjoy the debate_by Martina Wu

Lemon shark was where I first interacted with NSDA-styled debate, and I really appreciate the teachers and fellow classmates here for the awesome time I had. Though the session was rather short and covered but a little more than two weeks, we were able to learn from it all the basics of the format, and were, at the end of the course, capable of having rather fluent debates among ourselves. In addition to that, the atmosphere of the class was enjoyable. I could still remember quite a number of incidents that evoked great quantities of joy, such as how the Siri on the teacher’s phone always flipped tails, or the games of wolfman just before the end of class. I learned a lot from the session, which included not only why rebuttal cards shouldn’t be written on cards, but also the roles of each speech and much additional information on the topic itself. Overall, it was a happy time for me, and I really enjoyed it.

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