My First Step In The Debate–by Candice

Mom always persuaded me to join a debate course; I never wanted to follow her because I was afraid to speak in front of people.
This Christmas holiday, my mother introduced me to a 10-day debate camp Lemon Shark, and she emphasized that it was run by a group of teenagers, which would be very interesting. I agree to give it a try.
Just after the first day, I was completely attracted by the course and the teachers Tony and Melody. They were very interesting and shared a lot of their debate experiences with us. In the 10-day course, I learned the basic recognition of the debate, such as constructing arguments, supporting evidence, researching, writing abstracts, planning defenses, etc.
At the end of the training camp, I also experienced the first debate contest. I lost the game. I realize I’m just starting out in this area and need to be more confident and constantly improve my skills. It will not be easy for me, but I will stick to it.

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