I’m Anna, from YKPao School

The debate is a really big challenge for me before I joined Lemonshark, I was often afraid to communicate in English in front of others, and I was often afraid that I wasn’t expressing each point fluently enough, so I was really afraid to use English to communicate in class, and same in the debate. But in last section in Lemonshark, Tony taught us that whether while rebuttal or crossfire we should be clearly conveyed, each lesson we have different training, from the constructive speech to the summary, From rebuttal to final focus, every single one is all-inclusive, of course, encountered the problem of drilling Tony will be very careful to help us explain so that we have benefited greatly.

Leomonshark is suitable for different groups of students, and the content is very suitable for debate novices and untrained debaters, Tony will usually help us in class to integrate the understanding of the debate and the skills of the debate, as well as let us conduct mock debates. Tony showed us his latest debate in the United States, through this video and Tony’s careful explanation, as well as the depth of each argument he taught us, I gained a lot, after all, through such study, I feel that I am full of enthusiasm for the debate, At the same time, my confidence in the debate has been gradually built.

I think the most beneficial thing to me is the “random debate” session in class after we select teammates, Tony will randomly select a relatively simple argument, after the coin flip, we will usually have five minutes of discussion time and not allowed to use the internet or evidence packet, We rely on our own understanding of the argument itself to debate, this exercise our logic and eloquence a lot. Since joining Lemonshark, my ability to think improved, my point of view to each different problem will be more comprehensive, because while debate you have to prepare to both CON and PRO sides, sometimes, after the debate you have to argue the opposite side, last semester my writing, communication, have improved. After the debate class, I connected several skills in English, while writing those rebuttal speeches, I had a fixed model in my mind, and I don’t need to think about the format and the mode. My reading skills has also improved a lot because we usually have to check a lot of information and evidences, it is easier than before to grasp the main meaning. After training, when Tony mentioned an argument, we can have several points of view out in each different angle, the debate is really helpful in each different way.

After two sessions of Lemonshark debate training, I learned a lot of debate skills and the importance of teamwork. For me, the debate is a step of growth, but also a good opportunity to exercise my communication skills and logic.

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